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"CBC's team is dedicated, resourceful, experienced, caring, and indispensable."
Molly Hughes college counselors

Managing Partner & Senior Consultant

Molly believes that the college search and application process does not need to be mystifying or frustrating.  In fact, approached smartly, she knows it can be an exceptional opportunity for students to grow in self-awareness and.... read more

Loretta Summers college counselors

Managing Partner & Senior Consultant

Loretta believes that knowledge is power; this serves as the foundation for motivating and enlightening her clients during their college selection journey.  Loretta is passionate about guiding students... read more

independent college counselors

Senior Consultant

As a former high school counselor Laila has a deep appreciation of the demands teens face. She believes that the college application process is one of student maturation and .... read more


Johanna understands that a thoughtful, well-organized, and disciplined approach to the college application process alleviates stress and, most importantly, helps to ensure the right academic, social, and financial fit.  She is committed to understanding her ... read more

Senior Consultant

Christine believes that “getting in” to college is not the end of the journey, and

that choosing the right college is a crucial step on the path toward adulthood and

a fulfilling career. She believes the process can be an exciting time .... read more



Sally is keenly aware how the choice of university and how "fit" with the student can be crucial in that student’s eventual success. Her 15 years experience with various types and sizes of universities in the US, UK and Ireland helps her work with students to identify those aspects .... read more

Sara Clarkson


Sara believes that choosing where to go to college cannot be taken lightly. The escalating cost makes it one of the most significant investments parents and students may ever make, which is why careful and objective .... read more

Sara Clarkson


Kathleen is thrilled to be working with students on their college search process and essays one-on-one.  She wants students to show who they are through their stories rather than just telling it.  Helping students refine their stories to reveal their best attributes is something .... read more

Sara Clarkson


Allison joined College Bound Consulting (CBC) as a consultant in 2017 after working as a writer, editor, and proofreader in a major financial firm's in-house marketing/advertising/PR department. She uses those skills in nearly everything she does, but especially .... read more

Essay Consultant

Essay Consultant

As part of the CBC team, Stephanie works with both college and law school applicants.  As the parent of two college students and one high school senior, she understands that essay writing is a process and requires digging deep. Stephanie enjoys .... read more

Career Consultant

For the past 10 years, Christine Fruehwirth has been a career consultant and instructor of career management courses at George Washington University, and most recently Georgetown University. She has developed .... read more

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