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Michelle Sebastian

Recruited Athletics Consultant Partner

Michelle believes that students who dream of playing their sport in college benefit from strategically engaging in, and taking active ownership of, the college search process early in high school.

Michelle founded Be Gritty Recruiting to help students effectively manage their athletic aspirations in order to gain acceptance to colleges with programs that fit them well — whether at the D1, D3, or club level. She guides both young men and women across multiple sports in achieving their dreams to compete at the collegiate level.

Be Gritty is a natural extension of Michelle’s experience and skills, built over the past 20 years on and off the field. A multi-sport high school athlete and a starter on Vanderbilt’s first D1 women’s lacrosse team, Michelle coached high school lacrosse for over 15 years and, in her capacity as a College Recruiting Specialist at Lakeshore Lacrosse, has placed over 100 young women in college lacrosse programs. As parents of both boys and girls sought her help with their non-lacrosse athletes because their club teams lacked thorough recruiting support, Michelle was inspired to found Be Gritty. Her lacrosse college placement experience has translated well into other sports, where early development of a curated school list leads to coaching on how to effectively maximize exposure to college coaches. These critical steps are succeeding for Be Gritty’s student-athletes, from soccer and basketball to track and rowing, and all sports in between.

Michelle is excited to partner with CBC because she shares their “student-first” approach to finding the right fit college. This strategic partnership with CBC will offer joint clients the benefit of seamless, professional, reliable expertise in all aspects of college placement.

Michelle Sebastian

Michelle's passion for sports is on par with her passion for comedy. In 1998, she did her first stand-up open mic night and was hooked. Since then, she has performed at various local comedy clubs in the Chicago area and has been a top 15 finalist for the Aspen Comedy Festival. After trying to make people laugh on stage, Michelle gladly suffers from zero stage fright in her public speaking or broadcasts.

Michelle Sebastian
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