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Eddie Campbell


As a recent college graduate and as a CBC alumnus, Eddie truly understands the college application process. He believes in the power of positivity and that every student should take pride in their experiences and accomplishments. Eddie is here to make sure that those experiences and accomplishments shine through in every single essay.

Eddie grew up in LaGrange Park, Illinois, and attended Saint Ignatius College Prep, where he was the student body president and homecoming king. He graduated magna cum laude from Vanderbilt University with degrees in political science and classical languages and cultures. At Vanderbilt, he discovered his love for guiding others in their academic journeys, both as a volunteer social studies teacher in local Nashville public schools and as a peer tutor for languages in the Classics Department. In the future, he plans on applying to a variety of graduate school programs in political science, intending to pursue a PhD in hopes of eventually becoming a university professor.

Eddie currently lives in Chicago. In his free time, he tries to play as much golf as possible. He is an avid reader of old novels, loves to travel, and is a fanatic of Liverpool FC and Chicago sports teams. He plans to someday write the next Great American Novel, but writer's block has him stuck at the moment.

Eddie Campbell

In college, Eddie had the opportunity to study abroad in Israel and work on an active archaeological excavation. His team found a stash of gold coins from the 11th century and their findings were published by the university.

Eddie Campbell
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