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Sara Clarkson

Senior Consultant

Sara believes that choosing where to go to college cannot be taken lightly. The escalating cost makes it one of the most significant investments parents and students may ever make, which is why careful and objective guidance is so important. Sara well understands how each child requires an individualized approach to the college selection and application process.

Sara was excited to join College Bound Consulting (CBC) in 2015. She has spent most of her professional and volunteer career working in the writing and editing fields with extensive experience working for newspapers and magazines. She also served for more than 20 years as a member of the Duke University Alumni Interviewing committee, assessing high school seniors. Today she is a Professional Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), and besides working with high school students, has also worked with college transfers and graduate and professional school applicants.

Sara lives in Hinsdale, has leadership roles in several community organizations and is a graduate of Duke University where she majored in Public Policy Studies, though she passionately points to both Art History and Literary Analysis as classes she still "uses" all the time. She solved some time conflict issues recently by committing to "only" two book clubs. Sara walks all over town for exercise and problem-solving time and loves to keep up on international and national events and news.

Sara Clarkson

At 16, Sara was awarded a Toyota Scholarship to study abroad in Niigata, Japan which sparked an interest in all things Japanese and especially the language, which she studied in college. While rarely used during the nine years she and her husband spent living in Thailand, India and The Philippines, she's still glad she's had a taste of this interesting and complex language.

Sara Clarkson
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