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Christine Labrecque

Senior Consultant

Christine believes that “getting in” to college is not the end of the journey, and that choosing the right college is a crucial step on the path toward adulthood and a fulfilling career. She believes the process can be an exciting time of self-discovery and a chance to give voice to your dreams. But it is also a time when cool heads prevail, and guiding teens and their parents through the process with reduced stress and anxiety is what she enjoys most about working with CBC.

Christine is a Professional Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association and heads up CBC's office in Washington D.C. She earned her BA at Georgetown University and spent her junior year reading English at University College London. She developed excellent client management skills during a career in the cable TV and film industry, where she worked at the forefront of the video-on-demand business.

Christine decided to put those client service skills to work with families and teens and earned her Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA, which included a practicum at Alexandria City High School in Alexandria, VA.

Christine Labrecque

Since 2003, Christine’s family has organized a 4-mile run in New York’s Central Park to raise awareness and funds for lung cancer research. It is inspiring to see thousands “run as one” to make a positive difference for our future. Join us in April!

Christine Labrecque
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