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Looking for an expert review of your college essays? CBC Express is now available!
Initial Consultation

Middle School and Freshmen

If you’re about to enter, or are in the beginning of your high school career, you may be curious about what you should be focusing on to prepare for college. An Initial Consultation is ideal for: ✦ Discussing which high school to attend ✦ Determining your high school curriculum choices. From picking freshman classes to charting a course for the four years, your CBC Consultant will help you make the right choices to maximize your college options ✦ Understanding how colleges view extracurricular activities. How do you focus or explore interests in these early days? ✦ Learning  about the value of summer activities including summer camps? Jobs? Internships? ✦ Guaranteeing you a spot with CBC for a Gold Plan.

Most Popular!

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

For sophomores to seniors, CBC’s Gold Plan is our most comprehensive. You will be paired with a consultant who will help you navigate the steps in the college admissions process. We’ll make sure to keep the process manageable by letting you know what’s important to focus on and when. From profile development to building a balanced college list to preparing compelling applications, CBC’s Gold Plan assures that you are well informed and prepared every step of the way. Here are some specifics: ✦ Individualized guidance on curriculum choices ✦ Advice on how to make your extracurricular activities resonate ✦ Strategies for standardized testing ✦ In depth college list building with ultimate CBC Management Seal of Approval ✦ Essay/application assistance including our Second Read process where your essay is assessed as if by an admissions committee

Other Comprehensive Plans

Juniors and Seniors

Are you a second semester junior or a senior who has made numerous college visits, resulting in a balanced list, and need some professional guidance to finalize it? Are you ready to get going on applications and essays? We’ll focus on assuring your list is balanced and that your applications are both compelling and representative of all that you will bring to the campus of your choice. If you have an essay-intensive list, consider a plan with assistance on the Common App, personal statement and up to 10 college supplements. If the essay requirements of your list are less intensive, consider a plan that provides assistance on the Common App, personal statement and up to two college applications. If this sounds like you, complete Get Started and connect to a CBC consultant who can determine if you qualify for these plans.

CBC Express


If you’re a senior who is almost ready to submit your essay but want access to a CBC consultant for an extra look, or are stumped on how to wrap it up in an impactful way, CBC Express essay review can get you over the goal line.  


✦ Personal Statement Review


✦ Supplemental Essay Review


✦ University of California Insight Questions Review

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