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Johanna Delaney

Senior Consultant

Johanna understands that a thoughtful, well-organized and disciplined approach to the college application process alleviates stress and, most importantly, helps to ensure the right academic, social and financial fit. She is committed to understanding her students’ interests, learning styles, and the academic and social environments in which they feel most comfortable. She can then identify for each one an array of good college options and guide them through the application process so that they stay on track and present themselves to each of their choices in the most favorable light.

Johanna graduated magna cum laude from Brown University with an honors major in English and American Literature. She earned her J.D. from The George Washington University Law School and practiced law in Pennsylvania and North Carolina before settling in Hinsdale with her husband and two boys. In Hinsdale she served eight years as a Trustee of the Hinsdale Public Library, where she helped draft strategic plans and initiated the development of the Library’s art program.

Outside of work, Johanna loves to cook for friends and family. She also follows current events, enjoys any art museum and practices calligraphy.

Johanna Delaney

Johanna occasionally escapes to a little island off the coast of Maine. With no cars or electricity, it’s a world apart. The pace is set by the rhythm of the tides, and hours are spent simply enjoying the view and connecting with family and friends over board games and good food.

Johanna Delaney
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