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Hinsdale Central Mom

 “Our CBC consultant provided great advice and instilled confidence in our daughter.”

Lyons Township Student, Heading to Wake Forest

"College Bound was a guiding hand along my journey through the college search process. They took one of the most daunting tasks I'd ever faced and made the end goal feel achievable."

Hinsdale Central Parent

"Each of our children are very different —  personality, academically and activity wise. Our CBC consultant took the time to really get to know each of them, their unique strengths, weaknesses, anxieties and dreams — effectively customizing her approach to each one.  We have been thrilled with the outcome and would recommend CBC without reservation!"

Whitney Young Student, Heading to UCLA

"What I struggled the most with in the college process was deciding what to write my essays about. I needed provoking questions, honest feedback, and a knowledgable perspective, which is exactly what I experienced when working with my CBC counselor. It was an incredibly positive experience.

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